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Interested in becoming an umpire?  

It's a great way to help out the local softball leagues, as well as a way to earn some extra cash.  See the flyer below for details.


As of January 1, 2016, all individuals planning to help on the field or in the dugout as a coach, volunteer or assistant must complete BOTH the ASA background check and the Wylie Fastpitch background screening.

ASA requires all coaches/assistants on the field or in the dugout to pass the background check, and at least one coach per team must have ACE certification.  To complete this, you must create an account on their site (see link below).  The cost for the ASA background check is $11.

Wylie Fastpitch has implemented it's own background screening this year to better protect our league and the boys and girls that play in it.  To complete this, you must create an account on our site (through Sport Ngin).  The Background Screening link is below.  The cost for this is $9.95.

Wylie Fastpitch wants to provide the safest environment for wee ball, tee ball and softball, and we believe having every volunteer on the field, in the concession stand and on the Board of Directors pass our background screening will help us do that.

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2015-2016 WFSA Site Sponsor

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Field Requests for practice - NEW!

Coaches - please click this link for information on how to request fields.

Coaching Certification/Background Check

All individuals planning to work with the League or a team in any capacity must pass the ASA required background check. This includes board members, all coaches, assistant coaches, dugout coaches, team moms, umpires and concession workers.